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Worst Life-Shortening Habits: It’s Not Smoking or Drinking, But These 3

Have you ever thought about how long you can live in this life?

Paul Faure once said: “Nothing is eternal except eternity itself.”

The same is true for human life. There is no next time and it will not exist forever.

Although everyone desires to live a long life, most people have unintentionally developed too many habits that shorten their life span in this limited life.

Moreover, the habits that shorten our lives the most are probably ignored by us, not the superficial losses such as smoking and drinking, but these three.

1. If the mood is wrong, health care will be in vain.

“While lying on the hospital bed, I actually tried to count how many years I had left to live? How terrible!”

This is a circle of friends created by my colleague Lin Yun.

In order to relieve her anxiety, a colleague teased her as usual: “The health guru in our office will naturally live to be a hundred years old!”

A group of people below echoed, and the atmosphere instantly became less heavy.

Lin Yun’s desk is at the first position at the door, and everyone has to pass by her when coming in or out.

Every time we see various health-preserving items on her desk: health-preserving pots, vitamin tablets, wolfberries for tea, red dates… we all tease her, she must be the longest-lived person in our office, and she will probably get her retirement salary. Be soft-handed.

While chatting and laughing, who would have thought that she, who was only in her early thirties, would be diagnosed with breast cancer during a physical examination.

Fortunately, it was discovered in time and the condition is in its early stages. With conservative treatment and post-care, the possibility of cure is quite high.

When chatting later, Lin Yun said with emotion that although she usually chatted and laughed with everyone and seemed to have nothing to worry about, in fact these were all illusions.

Only she knows that in her heart, there are too many emotions that cannot be vented, such as the pressure of work, the pressure of the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the pressure of different ideas from her pig teammates, and the pressure she puts on herself…

The emotional problems caused for a long time made her breathless. Insomnia has become the norm, and her physical fitness is not as good as before. That’s why she became obsessed with health care.

However, this illness made her realize a truth: the first step in maintaining good health is to nourish the heart. When there are too many bad emotions accumulated in the heart, no matter how many health products you take, it will be in vain.

The human heart is indeed like a container. When it is filled with emotional garbage and is not cleaned up in time, it will deteriorate and rot. One day, the container will be corroded, broken, and defeated.

It is difficult to fight again after being broken. When that time comes, it becomes a luxury to talk about external health care.

Our suppressed, unprocessed emotions become a part of us, eroding every inch of our bodies.

They will remind us in a way that makes us more painful – “all diseases are common”: if the mood is wrong, health care will be in vain.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory has said: “Anger hurts the liver, happiness hurts the heart, thoughts hurts the spleen, sadness hurts the lungs, and fear hurts the kidneys.”

No matter what the emotion is, if it has been suppressed in the heart for a long time and has nowhere to vent, “sickness” will become its last outlet.

2. Too much desire leads to heart disease

When talking about my uncle, everyone around me shakes their head and sighs.

In the early years, among our relatives, my uncle was the most capable and his family had the best living conditions.

My uncle is the earliest contractor in our area. When he was in his twenties, he started leading a group of people to contract projects.

When he was most prosperous, he bought the first car in the village, built a new house and moved to a new home, and also used his own money to build roads in the village.

However, with the recession of the real economy, my uncle’s engineering team gradually declined. He could not make much money throughout the year, and his friends left him one after another.

In order to retain the prosperity of the past, he became obsessed with gambling, dreaming of getting rich overnight and becoming the person he once was.

But reality is often unsatisfactory.

Over the years, gambling has become a kind of spiritual opium for him. If he doesn’t gamble for a day, he will become intolerable. Not only will he lose all his savings, but his health will become worse day by day.

Some time ago, my uncle fainted on the road and was sent to the hospital.

The examination results showed that he suffered from 7 diseases of varying degrees at the same time: diabetes, uremia, gout…

When we were discharged from the hospital, our family went to visit my uncle. He was only in his early fifties, hunched over and holding on to a stool as he walked toward the door. His gray hair was sparse and he looked much older than his actual age.

I asked my mother in a low voice: “Why is my uncle like this now?”

Mother said meaningfully: “It’s all sin caused by desire…”

If my uncle could stick to his original aspirations during the economic downturn, put aside the so-called halo before, and not be swallowed up by his own desires, at least it would not end in such a dismal way.

There is a particularly vivid saying: “Desire is like coals of fire, it must be cooled down, otherwise it will scorch the soul.”

Everyone has desires, but not everyone can control their desires.

Whether to be the master of desire or its slave, it all depends on one’s own thoughts.

When a person’s desire is too deep and his desire is not satisfied, he will feel resentful, sick, sad and hurtful.

The more you cling to your inner demons, the easier it is to be controlled by them.

Only by learning to control your desires can you truly live a free and easy life.

3. Addiction to laziness leads to loss of body and life

There is a sentence that is particularly interesting:

If a person is diligent, he or she will become lazy; if a person is lazy, he or she will be diligent; if a strong person bullies the sick, a weak person will bully the sick.

The difference between a person and a disease is often a strong body.

I have to talk about my husband who has been traveling to major hospitals recently.

One night at around twelve o’clock, he suddenly woke me up and told me mysteriously that he must have been seriously ill this time. His right arm was numb, his head was dizzy and abnormal, and there were signs of a stroke.

I knew that he had been to the hospital before because of cervical spine problems. The phenomenon this time was similar to that one, except that that time it was numbness in his fingers, and this time it was numbness in his arms.

At that time, the doctor warned him to exercise more, as sitting still all day long would be most harmful to his body.

I comforted him not to think too much and to practice more cervical spine exercises and Ba Duanjin exercises on weekdays.

My words are of no use after all. Getting him to exercise is even harder than reaching the sky.

He still had doubts and went to major hospitals for examinations for several days.

The final result was not a stroke, but a decline in physical fitness caused by a lack of exercise. Also, sedentary and long-term head bowing caused serious damage to the cervical spine and injured the nerves.

The doctor said that if it continues like this, it will not only damage the nerves, but in serious cases it may even kill people.

Finally, the doctor prescribed some medicine for him and specifically told him that he must strengthen exercise in the future. Taking medicine is only an auxiliary effect and is not the best method.

After coming back, he finally put exercise on his schedule and practiced Baduanjin for half an hour every morning and evening.

Maybe, some people will say that with such a fast pace of life now, it would be nice to have some time to rest, but how can there be time to exercise?

It is true that we are busy with work, life, social life, and too many unavoidable things every day. It is normal to have no time to exercise.

However, the body is our own and it will never lie.

On the road of working hard to make a living, even if we set aside a little time for our body, it will be recorded in our body one by one.

Whether it protects you or gives you a blow at critical moments all depends on how you treat it.

The body is the capital of revolution. Without a healthy body, everything is zero.

And exercise is the best medicine for your body.

4. In the second half of life, working hard is worse than working hard for health

Someone online asked: “What is the most important thing in a person’s life?”

A top commenter answered below: “The most important thing is to maintain a good body, and everything else comes second.”

After half a life has passed in a hurry, a few ounces of broken silver is not as good as the rest of a healthy life.

In this life, nothing is better than fighting for health. A healthy body is not only the capital to pursue a better life, but also an indestructible confidence.

While writing this article, my 97-year-old grandmother sent me my favorite steamed wild vegetables.

Looking at her trembling figure, I subconsciously went to help her, but she refused with a doting look on her face: “My dear daughter, I can do this on my own!”

At that moment, one word came to my mind: live a long life.

Then, I wish you, I, and everyone can manage their emotions well, restrain their desires, exercise well, and live a long and healthy life!