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Why Don’t Kids Feel Tired? Warning Signs to Watch Out For!

Many mothers joke that their babies are perpetual motion machines, and they never get tired even after playing for a whole day; some mothers say that their babies are powered by Nanfu batteries, which can be charged for 10 minutes and can be used all day long.

Children are full of energy and don’t feel tired even after being active all day long. What’s the point? What are the “tiring” things for children that we should be wary of? Let me share this briefly.

01 Why don’t children know they are tired?

We adults have been busy all day and just want to lie down and rest, but the children have been running around all day and are still jumping up and down at home at night. With the same amount of activity, we adults may be exhausted, but children can still continue playing.

Many parents are confused about this phenomenon. As for why children can have such a “super long standby” function, a study published in 2018 may give some answers.

The study was conducted by researchers from France and Australia. In the study, a total of three groups of research subjects were recruited:

1) 12 boys with an average age of 10.5 years;

2) 12 adult males with an average age of 21.2 years old, no professional sports training, and no regular strenuous exercise;

3) 13 male endurance professional athletes with an average age of 21.2 years (such as long-distance runners and long-distance bicycle racers).

During the research process, all participants in this study were required to engage in cycling-related exercise. The researchers evaluated their aerobic and anaerobic metabolism to produce physical fitness. At the same time, their heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and lactate clearance rate were also recorded to help evaluate the speed of physical recovery after exercise.

Researchers found:

During high-intensity exercise, children use more aerobic metabolism to gain physical energy, so they will not get tired so easily during high-intensity exercise.

At the same time, according to the heart rate recovery speed, lactic acid clearance rate and other data measured in the study, children’s physical recovery speed after strenuous exercise is also very fast, even faster than the recovery ability of professionally trained adult endurance athletes.

Although this is only a single scientific study with a small sample size and is not a randomized controlled trial, the results of this study may help us understand why children never seem to know how to get tired and can play non-stop all day long.

02 The child feels tired and needs to be alert

Of course, children will be tired sometimes. Some tiredness is caused by non-disease causes, while other tiredness may be related to some diseases, nutrition, and health problems. Therefore, if a child is energetic, there is usually no need to worry, but if the child feels tired, we need to be vigilant. Possible reasons why your child is tired include:

1 sleep related

If you don’t sleep well, you will feel tired. This is common sense. There are many reasons why children do not sleep well, such as: going to bed too late and getting up early in the morning, resulting in insufficient sleep; frequent waking up at night; sleep apnea, etc.

Therefore, if your child always seems to be in a bad mood, you should pay more attention to your child’s sleep status (duration and quality).

2 Iron deficiency anemia

It has been popularized many times before that if children have iron deficiency anemia, they will be easily fatigued and will also affect their intelligence and behavior. If a child usually eats very little meat and if he or she has symptoms or manifestations related to iron deficiency anemia, he or she should pay attention to it in time and find a reliable doctor to check it out.

3 Depression, anxiety or other psychological related problems

    When children encounter emotional or psychological shocks at school or at home and develop psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety, although they feel depression and anxiety in their hearts, they may show up as physical fatigue.

    Therefore, if your child is easily tired, seems to have no energy, and is depressed for a long time, you should be alert in time.

    4 Other diseases and drug-related causes

    For example, some common allergy medications can cause drowsiness in children, asthma, certain infection problems, heart disease, hypothyroidism, cancer, etc.

    Although some disease-related causes are very rare, for parents, if their child feels tired for a long time and has other unusual symptoms, they must pay close attention to it and take the child to a regular hospital to find a reliable one in time. Let the doctor check it out and rest assured as soon as possible.

    The above is today’s sharing. I hope it can give everyone a reference. Please also share it with more parents to read and understand. I am Shanshan, a growth-oriented parent who pays attention to the science of making love with me.