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Which one between HBO and Netflix has better production quality?

The overall quality of HBO is higher. The absolute number of good shows on Netflix is no less than that on HBO, but there are also many that are just mediocre.

As the leader in the streaming media business, Netflix is the first choice for many friends to watch TV dramas. As for Netflix, it actually started with the video rental business. In the early days, it focused more on integrating the works of other film and television companies and bringing them to its own platform. After broadcasting and becoming bigger and stronger, Netflix also began to make some movies of its own.

But basically they all follow a law, that is, the audience is extremely wide, the production speed is extremely fast, and the update speed is extremely fast. Of course, the advantages are also very obvious, as the best proof is that it has more than 200 million paying users.

However, in order to control costs, it is inevitable to inject water into the series. The reason why it is still popular may be because of its peers who are full of screen advertisements.

Compared to Netflix, HBO Max comes from a wealthy family. HBO MAX is a streaming video service platform provided by Warner. As a streaming media platform that is itself a film and television company, it is more sophisticated in content and has been the king of content in recent decades.

HBO Max, which launched in 2020, combines HBO GO and HBO

Now, with Batman, Superman, The Matrix, Justice League, Game of Thrones, House of Dragons, Westworld, True Blood, Six Feet Under “, “The Wire”, “The Sopranos” and other high-scoring dramas, as well as 21 Ghibli animations such as “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Castle in the Sky”, “The Princess on the Cliff” and other high-scoring dramas in North America streaming media, Some movies will also be available on HBO Max 45 days after their release.

HBO Max’s strength lies in the power of its high-end, high-quality content. HBO Max doesn’t even offer full access to its content for free, charging almost twice as much as Netflix and Hulu!

HBO pays more attention to verticality and in-depth exploration in drama series. It continues the tradition of updating one episode every week. The production cycle is huge, and of course the quality has improved. Moreover, HBO is not afraid of burning money. The subject content is very in-depth, and the screenwriters and actors have undergone facelifts. It is also very powerful. Coupled with Warner’s decades of production experience, each series can be well-produced.

For example, like “Game of Thrones”, the eight seasons of the series were filmed for nearly ten years. The basic budget for the first season was about US$50 million to US$60 million, which averaged US$500 to US$6 million per episode. In this way It may not be intuitive enough, but generally speaking, the production cost of American TV series is about 2 million per episode.

“Game of Thrones” has tripled its production cost, and it is even said that after the sixth season, the production cost per episode soared to $10 million.

HBO Max doesn’t even offer full access to its content for free, charging almost twice as much as Netflix and Hulu!

So if Netflix is compared to chain fast food restaurants that can be seen everywhere around the world, then HBO MAX is like a Michelin restaurant. It doesn’t matter whether there are more people or less people. You will only know it after you have truly experienced it. Let me introduce the relationship between HBO MAX and HBO NOW and HBO GO. In the early days, in order to compete with Netflix, HBO launched two products, HBO NOW and HBO GO.

One is some exclusive resources of HBO, and the other is biased towards live TV resources. However, there was no favorable competition for Netflix, so HBO launched its collection, which is HBO MAX.

In addition to integrating the previous HBO NOW and HBO GO, it also integrates content such as Hulu or other content such as Marvel and so on.

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Choosing a streaming platform can be said to be a matter of personal preference and needs, and each platform has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Netflix is suitable for users who like to watch dramas and foreign film and television works; HBO MAX is suitable for users who like high-quality series and don’t mind paying a certain fee.

Both Netflix and HBO adopt membership systems . After users subscribe, they can watch all content on the platform without advertising.