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When Do Babies Know Their Own Names?

Usually around 7-9 months old.

There are individual differences in the language development of babies, but generally they can hear the sound of their own names by about 7-9 months of age.

Children’s receptive language (popularly understood as understanding language) and expressive language (popularly understood as speaking words) develop at different stages. Children may already be able to understand some of what adults say before they can speak. Talked.

Regarding the “milestones” of language development for babies aged 7-9 months, in addition to being able to hear their own names, others include: more diverse pronunciation and syllable combinations, and the ability to look when adults say the names of familiar items. The corresponding items can be matched with some simple instructions with body language, including some simple body language (such as shaking your head to express no), imitating sounds, etc.

Regarding children’s language development, there are common “milestone” indicators for reference, but these are rough and objective guidelines. For children’s language development, it is more important to take the child for regular physical examinations and to look at the child’s overall language change trend. Don’t be too anxious because a certain “milestone” indicator has not been reached.