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What Methods Effectively Lower Body Fat?

From the perspective of exercise, let’s talk about “effectively reducing body fat”——

The problem of solid fat not only occurs in ordinary people, but is also a very sensitive issue for some athletes, especially endurance athletes. On the one hand, their training volume and exercise intensity are far higher than ordinary people, and their diets also follow recipes, but the phenomenon of excessive body fat still exists.

An objective reality of the human body is: starting from the age of 20, some physiological indicators of the human body reach their peak and then begin to decline to varying degrees, but body fat content will increase at a rate of (approximately) 3% every ten years. In other words, as you get older, it becomes more and more necessary to fight a “protracted battle” to reduce body fat.

There are many ways to reduce body fat, and there is no so-called quick fix (liposuction in the beauty industry does not technically count as reducing body fat). Simply put, the most effective way to reduce body fat is to establish an aerobic foundation by monitoring heart rate during aerobic exercise, so as to “burn” excess fat most efficiently.

Let’s first analyze the excessive body fat——

Excessive body fat reflects two main problems: There are problems with your eating habits (such as too much greasy food, too much intake, irregular eating), and your exercise methods are incorrect (such as low efficiency of fat consumption, low amount of exercise) Failure to meet fat loss requirements)

Excessive body fat is most obvious on the waist. Often, other parts of the body have not yet seen plumpness, and the “belly” or waist side is always the first to protrude… Therefore, the simplest and most crude way to monitor changes in body fat is to measure it. The waist circumference around the belly button. By measuring at the same time every few weeks, you can compare and see whether there is a significant effect on fat loss.

Of course, some electronic body fat detectors will be much more accurate.

Let’s talk about effectively reducing body fat——

The endurance exercise we often talk about is essentially a process of burning fat. By burning fat, it provides a steady stream of energy and allows you to exercise for a long time. This process itself is also building the body’s aerobic foundation. Therefore, a strong aerobic base is a prerequisite for achieving fat loss goals.

People with excessive body fat (or hoping to get lower body fat) also tend to have a high respiratory quotient (RQ, which refers to the ratio of the volume or moles of carbon dioxide released to the amount of oxygen absorbed when a person breathes), which means that the human body is actually The proportion of sugar consumed during exercise is greater than fat. People with excess body fat usually have a higher proportion of anaerobic muscle and a lower proportion of aerobic muscle.

Therefore, we need to ensure that the exercise that targets fat reduction should be aerobic exercise and can burn body fat most efficiently (rather than consuming sugar).

This is why heart rate monitoring is needed: heart rate reflects our heart conditions in life and exercise, and directly reflects the body’s demand for oxygen. Our bodies will provide the most timely biofeedback at different heart rates. Burning fat is also obviously most effective when we exercise within our optimal fat-burning heart rate zone.

There are many algorithms for optimal fat-burning heart rate, the simplest one is [180-personal age]——

For example, if you are currently 30 years old, then 180-30=150;

If you have experienced a serious illness, or have not exercised for a long time, or suffer from heart/asthma diseases, then subtract 5-15;

A 30-year-old middle-aged man who is healthy and disease-free and exercises regularly can establish a good aerobic foundation by exercising in a zone close to the heart rate of 150 (not exceeding).

At the same time, some current heart rate devices, such as heart rate sports watches, will also calculate different heart rate zones for you after inputting your age, maximum heart rate/resting heart rate and other data. Exercises in the aerobic fat burning heart rate zone are also The above-mentioned exercises can achieve the purpose of establishing an aerobic base.

There are no regulations on the specific types of exercise. As long as jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling…or other gym aerobic equipment exercises are allowed at this heart rate level (and close to this heart rate value).

The other is the time of exercise, which should be combined with the current exercise ability and varies from person to person. Generally speaking, exercise that maintains an aerobic fat-burning heart rate for no less than 30-40 minutes, plus warm-up and cool-down before and after, adds up to about 60 minutes, which is considered a relatively effective fat-loss exercise.

Therefore, from an exercise perspective, the most effective way to reduce body fat is to monitor your body fat through heart rate equipment and allow yourself to exercise within an optimal aerobic fat-burning heart rate range. At the same time, your body will gradually build a strong aerobic foundation for future use. Gradually, the proportion and efficiency of fat consumption in daily exercise will increase, and the ultimate goal of reducing body fat can be achieved.

The above is only one aspect of effectively reducing body fat. Many people will also reduce food intake, that is, limit calories, when they start exercising. However, it is very difficult to stick to this method. Most people will regain their weight in the later period, and not all body fat they lose (some body fat ratios are still very high). At the same time, if there is no scientific diet plan, it can easily lead to metabolic suppression – —On the contrary, more body fat is stored…

Therefore, we also recommend that to reduce body fat, you must control your calorie intake, but do not “cut the amount” directly, or just find a so-called fat-reducing recipe online and follow it. Maybe it is customized for a certain group of people, and it is not good at all. Not suitable for your current situation.

As many as 95% of people give up on calorie-restricted fat loss methods. Overeating or rebounding after giving up, or eating disorders caused in the process, often cause more serious harm to the body.