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What Exercises Can Help Women Slim Their Legs?

  1. Reasons for thick legs

Many girls are not satisfied with their legs, so do you know the reason for thick legs? Let’s talk about what makes your legs thicker.

congenital causes

①A girl’s body shape is often related to heredity. If both parents are of normal weight, the obesity rate in their children is about 8% to 10%. If both parents are obese, the obesity rate in their children is as high as 70% to 80%.

② In addition to making you have different obesity, genes can also affect the location of your fat accumulation. Different women of the same weight will also have different body shapes. Some may have fat accumulated on their legs, while others may accumulate fat on their chests.

③ Female estrogen also promotes the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. At the same age, most women have a higher body fat rate than men. This is also related to female fertility.

Hormones and genes are the innate factors that cause your legs to be thick. Although saying this is a bit bowing to fate, some people’s bodies just don’t need to be trained to be that good. I believe there is such a person around you. I believe you reading this article must not be so lucky to be blessed with beautiful legs. Some girls think my legs were straight and pretty when I was a kid. Why don’t my legs look as good as when I grow up?

That’s another factor we’re going to talk about next.

Acquired causes

Stand, sit, lie down and walk. You have to repeat actions countless times a day, and your posture is all bad posture. It is the accumulation of these bad postures for more than 20 years that ruins the shape of your legs.

  1. Type of thick legs

Many people come up and say that they have muscular legs, and many people are afraid that they will become muscular legs as soon as they practice. .

Stop making trouble, are these muscle legs? Such muscular legs are the most beautiful legs in my heart!

As for this chopstick leg. .

Don’t make trouble, unless you are born with genetic influence, it is basically hopeless to reduce the size of your legs like this.

If you want to slim down your calves, you must first know what type of calves you have.

Xiaowai lists 3 types here (based on the overall body fat mass standard):

Muscle type:

That is, the muscular legs that most girls are afraid of. To put it simply, the muscles in the lower body are too developed. If you stand on tiptoes, you can see large muscles on the calves, which is muscular obesity.


①The long-term exercise posture is inaccurate, and the force exerted during exercise is also inaccurate.

②Excessive training. For example, if you are a running enthusiast, you often run 7 times a week, and you always do 10 kilometers each time.

③Not paying attention to relaxation and stretching after training. Many girls rest directly after running and lack of relaxation for their legs.

Fatty obesity:

This is something that most girls will encounter. When I pinch your legs, I find that they are all loose meat, so that’s basically it.


①Eat more and move less. This is the biggest reason for fat type. Staying at home every day with endless snacks makes it difficult not to gain weight.

② Poor daily habits. For example, wearing short skirts when the weather is cold and sitting on the cold ground often. The body’s self-protection mechanism causes these cold areas to store fat to maintain temperature.

③The overall muscle content is too low.

Puffy obesity:

There are also some girls who look thin but have thick legs. My legs are thin in the morning but thicker in the evening.


① Not exercising for a long time and habitually sitting for long periods of time. The body cannot carry out normal water metabolism, and water that should be excreted accumulates in the body.

②Weak spleen is also a cause. Waste accumulates in blood vessels, blood and lymph circulation is blocked, and water metabolism is affected. The function of the spleen is to transport fluids in the body.

③The cardiopulmonary function is relatively weak.

  1. Leg shape

That is, unsightly shapes, such as X, O, XO-shaped legs, etc.

How to make legs straight? -Answer from sports best friend Wan Xiaowai. I am being lazy here and put my previous answer here.

  1. Three stages of leg shaping

Let me popularize a concept here. Everyone should know that local fat reduction does not exist. Fat reduction is a whole-body concept. When it comes to local shaping, it can only be shaped, for example: vest line. So will aerobic exercise, such as running and skipping, make your legs thicker? The answer is yes.

But don’t worry. Leg shaping often requires three stages:

① Leg muscle congestion period: Anyone who has just started exercising will experience this. This is an illusion, as if the legs have become thicker after practicing twice. This is due to the congestion caused by local friction in the muscles. Don’t misunderstand this. This congestion phenomenon usually occurs in girls who have never exercised before and suddenly start training.

During this period, I suggest you pay more attention to stretching training and not lie in bed after taking a shower after exercising. In addition, you also need to adjust your mentality. Don’t think that you can lose weight by running for three days. Don’t give up immediately if you find that your leg circumference is a little too big.

②Leg muscle growth period: Girls will resist when they hear about growing muscles. It is said to be a growth period, but the changes reflected in the thigh circumference are actually minimal. This stage will probably last about 1 to 2 months. At this time, if you measure the circumference, maybe the thigh will increase by 0.5-1cm. (In fact, your leg fat is also quietly burning at this stage, but the time has not yet come and the fat reduction is not obvious enough)

During this period, you need to add some endurance training appropriately while doing aerobic exercise. If you just want to lose fat by running all the time, the results will not be ideal.

③Leg fat burning period: If a girl persists in fitness training for about 3 months, as your athletic ability and performance continue to improve, your fat loss effect will become more obvious. For example, if your thigh circumference is 50cm before fitness training, and you run, jump rope, and squat… after training for 3 months, you then re-measure your thigh circumference and find that it has dropped. Suppose it has dropped by 5cm, then these 5cm will Including 6cm of fat loss and 1cm of muscle growth.

In this final stage, you need to relax your legs more. You can buy a foam roller yourself to relax your fascia, and pay attention to massaging your legs before going to bed.

  1. Training methods

Regarding the training method, let’s talk about it based on the above three stages.

①Aerobic exercise: In your fat loss process, aerobic exercise is more recommended. You can choose jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. It all depends on your personal interests. In each training session, try to keep it to no less than 20 minutes and insist on it 3 to 5 times a week. Fat loss is systemic. Even with the same amount of exercise, different girls may not necessarily see the same decrease in leg circumference.

Some people will say that running will make your legs thicker. That’s because you didn’t read Part 4 of what I wrote. In addition, if you don’t stretch after running, your legs will definitely become thicker.

② Stretching training: After running, not stretching will make the calves thicker. But it is a big mistake to think that stretching means not growing muscles. Stretching can improve a person’s flexibility and also help with muscle growth. There are two main muscles in the calf: the gastrocnemius muscle in the calf, and the long and flat soleus muscle deep in the calf. Reasonable stretching can promote the growth of the soleus muscle, making the calves visually longer.

③Endurance training: While doing aerobic exercise, you should also do some endurance training. It is recommended that you use a small weight and multiple reps. The recommended weight is 2~3kg. Perform each group 30 times, lasting 3 to 4 groups.