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Understanding the Relationship Between Skin Aging and Its Ability to Self-Repair

Many times, we talk about the traces of time, and these traces not only accompany our growth and rich experiences, but also leave memories on our bodies, typically on our skin.

When you reach a certain age, aging will come. You may feel that you can still climb several floors at a stretch, or run several kilometers, or even stay up late and play a few games. However, the marks on your skin are ruthlessly telling you the years. Sliding away. The typical wrinkles on the skin are wrinkles. As we age, wrinkles are the first to appear and can be said to be a precursor to aging.

Why we age may be a question that many people want to ask. Today we will not talk about the special details, such as stem cell failure and telomere shortening. Let’s talk about aging from a general perspective.

Why does skin age?

In fact, aging is generally the result of addition and subtraction in the human body.

Taking the skin that is most likely to show signs of aging as an example, let’s talk about the addition and subtraction process of skin.

Our skin is composed of multiple layers of cells such as keratin and dermis. These structures together form our skin barrier system.

However, this system begins to undergo the test of addition and subtraction from the day after we are born.


The skin is constantly repairing and renewing itself.

First of all, the cell itself has a repair mechanism, including basic biological processes such as DNA damage repair and protein misfolding clearance. If the repair capacity is exceeded, it will lead to programmed cell death. But don’t worry, our human cells can also replicate and proliferate. , thereby filling the gap. In addition, there are stem cells, which can continuously supply new cells.


Unstoppable damage.

As an exposed part of the body, the skin is in direct contact with the environment, so it is very susceptible to environmental influences. Ultraviolet damage caused by the sun and changes in body temperature caused by the wind can all cause skin damage, not to mention the ubiquitous microorganisms. They also exist on the skin, and they can cause skin infections and other conditions, all of which can lead to skin damage.

Some people may say, is it okay to live in a place that protects the skin better than a greenhouse? The answer is of course no, because in addition to these external subtractions, there are also subtractions inside the body, which is a steady stream of damage and aging. Cells are metabolizing all the time, and as long as they metabolize, they will produce oxidative damage, and these damages are continuous. Although the body has the ability to repair, its ability to repair decreases over time. The result is irreversible aging.

It can be seen that it is precisely because of the existence of addition and subtraction in the body that the two balance each other. Either the east wind overpowers the west wind, or the west wind overpowers the east wind.

When we are young, the body’s repair and replacement ability is stronger, so we are infinitely youthful all the way. However, once we pass a certain point, the repair ability is lower than the damage ability, and aging will inevitably come.

So is aging equal for all?

Not really.

I believe you have also noticed that some people of the same age are already showing their age, while some people still look radiant. There are also many comparisons with peers online, which will definitely surprise you.

Why does this happen?

Of course, there are differences in innate factors, that is, genetic factors. After all, different people have different genes, so their physical fitness will naturally also be different.

However, aside from these, the most important thing is that different people have different ways of adding and subtracting skin.

For example, people with relatively poor working conditions, such as those engaged in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, are exposed to wind and sun as a basic part of their lives. They also face irregular work and rest, lack of nutrition, etc., and often they do not pay much attention to skin care. As a result, It is these people who have poor skin.

On the other hand, like many celebrities, they have a good working environment, pay attention to skin care, and constantly improve the skin, so they protect the skin very well, and there are even people who have “frozen age”, which is enviable Incessantly.

Because of this, we may be able to learn some skin care secrets from them to delay skin aging.

How to fight aging at the root?

You may be tired of hearing too many truths, such as not staying up late and eating a reasonable diet, which are definitely important foundations for skin care.

On this basis, we can also do some root repairs to the skin and enhance the self-healing ability of the skin’s own cells.

In fact, in recent years, the mainstream skin care industry has been paying attention to how to make skin healthier? LA MER is naturally no exception. Not only that, LA MER pays more attention to root-level anti-aging. One of the important strategies it has found is to promote the skin’s self-healing power and enhance cell renewal ability, which can remove harmful factors and allow the skin to recover. healthy. If you have paid attention to the ingredients of LA MER, you will know that their core ingredient is Miracle Broth ™

Although the core ingredient of Miracle Broth™ is still unknown, we can deduce from some details and circumstantial evidence that their ingredient is essentially seaweed fermentation essence.

Seaweed itself is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and also contains a series of rich physiologically active substances such as alginic acid, fucoidan, mannitol, and fucose.

These substances have the effects of coping with metabolic stress and promoting the proliferation of keratinocytes. These effects are what many skin care products need most. After all, metabolic stress and aging are closely related. Relieving metabolic stress can well delay aging, and The proliferation of keratinocytes can effectively reduce the symptoms of skin aging, especially the latter. In many cases, senescent cells appear in aging skin, making it difficult to renew the skin. Only by lifting these restrictions can the skin be restored to health. These fermented products can enhance the skin’s self-healing power and relieve the restrictions of aging cells. This is the root cause of skin repair.

In order to make the concentration of effective substances in the seaweed higher and produce more active substances, La Mer uses advanced fermentation technology to process the seaweed. After treatment, it can not only retain the original substances such as alginic acid, Active substances such as fucoidan and mannitol can also produce a series of additional ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, and finally these ingredients are gathered into the product. These ingredients can well promote the root repair of cells, promote repair, and promote the recovery of aging skin. In the relevant tests they conducted on selected volunteers, they also showed corresponding root-repair effects, making the skin perform better. This is also an example of removing subtraction and promoting addition. (Only represents the experimental/test results, the specific results vary from person to person)

It can be said that aging is an inevitable process for human beings. Generally speaking, we cannot reverse aging. However, this does not mean that we should leave it alone. Instead, we can delay it through adjustment. The essence of addition is repair at the cellular level, that is, La Mer insists on root repair, allowing cell recovery to gain certain advantages in fighting aging, so that the skin can be made younger. Therefore, increase addition and decrease subtraction, so that the skin can slow down the rate of aging and truly fight aging from the root.