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The Secret to Beautiful Skin: Simple Face, Pampered Body!

We often say that good-looking skins are all the same, but interesting souls are unique.

But in fact, there are not many “good-looking skins”, only well-groomed faces.

Cai Lam once said that he has seen too many beauties who are beautiful on the outside but have an unattractive face after taking off their makeup. This is because they only whitewash their appearance but ignore the inside.

The so-called inner is not only the poetry and calligraphy in the belly, but also a person’s living state and inner state. Your eating habits, sleep quality, happiness and sorrow will all be clearly written on your face.

The clues on the skin reveal internal problems in the body.

It is not difficult to apply it with bottles and jars to create a flawless face. It is rare to have peace and warmth from the inside out.

The face should be poor and the body should be pampered

There is a saying: A woman’s real age is not important, only how old she looks is. The thing that best represents a person’s age is skin.

In 2020, a survey report released by China Business News and SoYoung found that 59.2% of respondents had aging anxiety in the age group of 20 to 30.

Among them, nearly 90% of people said that their stress comes from loose skin, and as many as 85.95% of people are most concerned about skin management.

When there is anxiety, there will be consumption. How much does a woman spend on her face? It may add up to a large amount of money.

There are many types of skin care products and cosmetics, ranging from tens of yuan to thousands or tens of thousands of yuan. Medical cosmetology, which has become popular in recent years, is a big money-burning pit.

China News Network once interviewed a Ms. Li who lives in Beijing. She goes for photorejuvenation once a month, and the price ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 yuan.

When talking about why she spent this money, she said: “Because I am getting older… some skin problems cannot be solved by skin care products.”

Another 44-year-old interviewee said bluntly: “I’m paying for my mentality. I just can’t calmly accept getting older, and I can’t help my wrinkles getting deeper and my face sagging.”

Some people say that the life of contemporary young people is to use the most expensive eye cream and stay up the deepest night.

But without a healthy lifestyle, no matter how expensive the skin care products are, it cannot maintain a good complexion from the inside out; no matter how smooth the skin is, it is not as important as physical and mental health.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. The complete structure and function of any organ tissue are based on good health and abundant qi and blood.

Therefore, if a person has a good complexion and skin, the key is to have a good body and be able to really transport useful substances to the skin. This person’s beauty is vivid.

skin secrets

So, what factors affect our skin quality and even appearance, and how to improve skin, enhance appearance and even prevent various skin diseases?

“The Secret of Skin” written by Dr. Jair Adler, a famous German skin expert, is a popular science book about skin care.

This book tells us the basic structure of skin and how to treat our face well. It has a lot of “dry information” about whitening and sun protection, freckle and wrinkle removal, medical cosmetology, dietary nutrition, etc. that everyone can’t wait to know.

For example, what kind of care is most important for skin? Many people say “clean”.

But Dr. Adler found that many skin problems occur because of excessive cleansing.

The British “Daily Mail” once reported that 30-year-old female writer Erica was tired of the tedious maintenance steps before going to bed every day, so she suddenly decided to do an experiment: not using cleaning products such as facial cleanser for a month. Wash your face and don’t use other skin care products after washing your face.

At first, Erica was worried that her face would be covered with acne, but surprisingly, her skin became better and better day by day, and her complexion became brighter.

The surface layer of human skin is our protective barrier, protecting us from chemicals, toxic substances, allergens, and various pathogens.

There are many acidic substances distributed on the surface of this protective barrier, which are both our acidic protective film and our natural moisturizing factor. The cleaning soaps and facial cleansers we usually use are alkaline.

The consequence of frequent use of such products is that the acidic protective film is destroyed, so various allergens, pathogens and chemical agents can penetrate directly, causing the skin to gradually lose its luster, become dry and wrinkled, and sometimes itchiness or even eczema, dermatitis, etc. .

While focusing on how to stay clean, it’s easy to overlook the protection our skin needs most – sun protection.

Many people think that sun protection is to avoid tanning and to keep skin white.

In fact, the most important function of sunscreen is anti-wrinkle.

The New England Journal of Medicine once published a shocking photo of a 69-year-old truck driver. After driving a truck for 28 years, the left half of his face looked like two different people than the right half.

Because he has been driving for many years, the left side of his face is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time every day, and the right side of his face is rarely exposed to the sun. Over time, the left side of his face is crisscrossed with ridges and wrinkles, while the right side of his face is much smoother.

Instead of spending a lot of money on anti-wrinkle, it is better to actually use sun protection.

You may not see obvious effects in a short period of time, but after ten or twenty years, you will know the difference between sun protection and no sun protection.

Youth is not about age

Skin is the largest but often overlooked “organ” of the human body. It is the bridge of communication and contact with the outside world. It is also the best comrade of all organs to resist external damage and stimulation. It can also cooperate with various organs to maintain the operation of the human body.

If you want smooth skin and a good-looking face, you need scientific knowledge, good living habits, and self-discipline day after day.

Countless money, time and energy are spent on skin care, but few people realize that good living habits, especially a balanced diet and regular sleep habits, are the best protection for the skin.

People are born different. Everyone is born with different skin conditions, which determines the maintenance needs of each person. However, as long as you understand the composition of the skin, different lifestyles, chemical components, and the impact on the skin, you can Find the maintenance method that suits you.

Chekhov said: “Everything about a person should be beautiful: face, clothes, soul, and thoughts.”

Youth is not about age, but a state of vitality;

Beauty is a kind of life posture in which body and mind are harmonious.

I hope that as time goes by, you will have poems and books in your belly, and your face will be like a peach blossom.