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It’s Not Puffy Eyes, It’s Aging Eyes!

I wonder if the readers in front of the screen have such troubles:

Obviously when we were young, we all had outer double eyelids, which made our eyes look big, bright, and full of energy. But for some reason, as time went by, we unknowingly turned into inner double eyelids, making our eyes look small. A lot;
Or when you wake up in the morning, you always feel that your eyes are loose and droopy, you can’t open them, and your eyes look particularly dull.

At this time, we may subconsciously think, is it “swollen eye bubbles”? So I started trying various “swelling reduction” methods, avoiding drinking water at night, taking ice packs for cold compresses, buying eye creams, and learning various eye massage methods online…

But in fact, at this time, you should be alert to whether the skin of the upper eyelids is slowly starting to relax. If you allow it to develop, triangular eyes, drooping eyelids, or sunken eye sockets will easily occur over time, which will look “more” to the naked eye. Not energetic” or appearing “old”.

Due to individual differences, the time when upper eyelid laxity occurs varies from person to person. Usually, relatively obvious upper eyelid laxity is more likely to occur at the age of 30-40. As age increases, the problem gradually worsens.

Ways to prevent upper eyelid laxity and minor laxity

Choose an eye cream with firming ingredients

In the early stages of discovering upper eyelid sagging, you can use eye cream containing firming ingredients, such as products containing caffeine, vitamin C, alcohol A, etc., which can improve the firmness of eye skin to a certain extent.

Maintain good living habits

At the same time, strict sun protection, maintaining good work and rest and eating habits, and avoiding excessive fatigue are also important measures to prevent and improve eye sagging.

How to deal with moderate to severe upper eyelid laxity

As age increases, the problem of sagging eye skin becomes more severe, especially when people are around 35-40 years old. At this time, eye cream may not be able to further improve the problem of upper eyelid sagging. It is recommended to use some conventional non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments to delay the problem of sagging. .

For some people, the problem of upper eyelid laxity cannot be effectively improved through non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments. In this case, plastic surgery may be required to remove the loose eyelid skin.

Commonly used non-invasive or minimally invasive medical aesthetic methods around the eyes include:

Eye radiofrequency treatment

Radiofrequency technology can stimulate the production of collagen and help improve the firmness of eye skin. Conventional medical radiofrequency instruments suitable for eyes are mainly Thermage and gold microneedles.


The principle of Thermage eye treatment is mainly based on radio frequency technology, which uses high-frequency probes to apply heat to the skin, deep dermis, subcutaneous tissue and orbicularis oculi muscle layer. This thermal effect can promote the regeneration of collagen and shrink local loose tissues, thereby achieving firming and lifting effects.

At the same time, the thermal effect of Thermage can also stimulate lymph circulation and blood circulation, improve red acne marks, bruises and edema around the eyes, and accelerate water metabolism.

Until 3-6 months after Thermage treatment, the dermal tissue will regenerate new collagen, continuously lifting and tightening the loose skin, reducing wrinkles, and effectively improving the brightness and firmness of the eye skin.

gold microneedles

The principle of gold microneedle eye treatment is a minimally invasive treatment method that combines microneedle technology and radiofrequency energy. This method uses tiny microneedles electroplated in gold to precisely deliver radiofrequency energy to different depths of the skin. During gold microneedle treatment, the needle tip directly introduces radiofrequency energy into the dermis. This energy introduction is precise and controllable, and the treatment depth and energy size can be adjusted according to treatment needs.

The deep heating effect of radiofrequency energy during treatment can denature and shrink collagen, while stimulating the contraction of the fibrous septa in the subcutaneous tissue layer, producing an immediate tightening effect. This denatured and contracted collagen will promote the production and reorganization of new collagen, thereby achieving the purpose of continuous skin improvement. At the same time, combined with transdermal administration after treatment, the penetration and introduction of some anti-aging active ingredients can be significantly enhanced, and the anti-aging effect of the eyes can be enhanced.

Eye laser treatment

Fractional laser

Fractional laser uses high-energy laser beams to act on the skin surface in a lattice manner, stimulating the production of new collagen and elastic fibers through natural healing of small wounds, thus promoting self-repair of the skin and improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes. .

In principle, traditional carbon dioxide fractional laser, non-ablative fractional laser 1565, super picosecond fractional mode, etc. can all achieve this effect. However, because the skin of the upper eyelids is extremely thin and tender, problems such as skin scarring and secondary periocular dermatitis can easily occur if the energy is not used carefully. Therefore, it is rarely possible to improve the sagging of the upper eyelids simply by using fractional laser.

Medical Aesthetic Injection Treatment

Collagen injections

The principle of Weimi eye treatment is mainly based on its main ingredient – recombinant humanized type III collagen. This type of collagen has the following characteristics and functions:

1 Directly supplement collagen;
Weimei directly replenishes the missing collagen into the skin around the eyes through injection. This collagen has a similar structure to the collagen in the human body, so it has good biocompatibility and is not likely to cause rejection reactions.

2 Promote collagen regeneration;
The active humanized collagen in Weiyi Beauty can activate the function of fibroblasts and promote the synthesis of new collagen, thus improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

3 Improve the skin microenvironment;
Weimei can not only replenish collagen, but also protect the skin microenvironment and maintain the healthy homeostasis of the skin through the collagen regeneration process without the involvement of inflammatory cytokines.

4 security;
Since Weimei is humanized collagen, it has high safety and is suitable for the treatment of sensitive areas such as around the eyes.

What needs to be injected is that products such as Weimei collagen require full cold chain transportation and storage to ensure the efficacy of the product. At the same time, the injection point, amount and method are one of the key factors to improve the effect, so you must choose a regular medical institution. Do this with a qualified doctor.

plastic surgery treatment

If repeated treatments still fail to effectively improve upper eyelid sagging through the above non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures, it is recommended to transfer to a plastic surgery clinic and let the plastic surgeon evaluate whether it is necessary to intervene in double eyelid minimally invasive surgery, brow lift surgery and other comprehensive micro-plastic surgery around the eyes. Surgical treatment to completely resolve the problem of upper eyelid sagging.