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How to Brew Drip Bag Coffee Correctly?


What is an ear bag?

The ear-hanging bag is the legendary must-have product for home travel, work and get off work. In addition to satisfying your daily caffeine intake, it can also satisfy your desire to brew your own coffee in various environments. By this time, everyone should have the ear-mounted bag in their hands, and let’s get down to business.

Once upon a time, there was a crow who was thirsty and saw a bottle of water, but the mouth of the bottle was very small, so the little crow thought of it in a hurry.

Hey, I seem to have gone astray, so how can we drink the ear-hanging bag inside the package?

After hundreds of experiments, we finally came up with the following scientific method

Step 1

First tear open the outer packaging, and be sure to pay attention to the details. Only by tearing it like I did can you remove the seal placed on the outer bag of the ear-hanging bag by the legendary coffee god in ancient Rome.

Step 2

After tearing open the outer packaging, gently take out the inner bag. The inner bag is this white thing. Note that the word “open” is marked on the tear opening. At this time, just shout

“Open Sesame”

At the same time, we gently tear it apart, and we have completely completed the two most important steps (if we don’t open it, we can’t drink it at all

Step 3

Find the two small ears on both sides of the inner bag

Pull it apart, just like you would normally pull your ears.

Step 4

Find a favorite cup and hang two ears on the edge of the cup.

There are suggestions here. It is best to choose a cup with a medium capacity, not too big or too small. It can be around 200ml. If you want to drink for a longer time, you can choose a thick-walled ceramic cup with better heat preservation, or a double-layer insulated cup. , or a stainless steel thermos cup, yes, yes, Starbucks cups are also available.

Setp 5

The exciting water filling step has finally arrived. Of course, here, we don’t need to be as particular as when making coffee by hand, but we can also fill the water in batches. The main reason is that the ear bag filter paper is not so efficient when filtering. Filling with water is easy and fast.

When filling the water for the first time, we first let hot water (90-92 degrees) wet all the powder, and stop when the liquid level is close to the top. Give the coffee grounds some room to steam. The first water injection is about 15-30ml.

Steaming: There are some fibrous structures inside the coffee beans. After roasting, the water in the cell walls of the coffee beans is lost, and instead some carbon dioxide is stored inside. Through steaming, the water enters the inside of the cell walls and the carbon dioxide is discharged, which will make the next step The extraction is more uniform and easier. Through comparison, we can also find that coffee brewed directly without steaming will be lighter than coffee that has been steamed (other variables remain unchanged, excluding the need for steaming). reduced time)

Hot water: What is the appropriate temperature for hot water? Friends who have a thermometer can just take the thermometer and walk away, but what should we do if we don’t have a thermometer? Of course we don’t stick our fingers in and feel it like some chefs do. I have summarized two simple methods.

The first one is for household hot water kettles. After the water boils, open the lid and let it sit for 5 minutes. Please extend it appropriately in summer.

The second method is to prepare two cold cups. After the water is boiled, open the lid and let it cool for a minute or two. Then pour the hot water into one cup, and then use this cup to pour into the other cup (I must have done this when I was a child, right? Wrong? But be careful of burns. I am not responsible for burns.) After doing this for about 3-5 times, the temperature will drop to the appropriate temperature.

Step 6

Wait until about 20-30 seconds have passed. During this time, you can count 20-30 sheep, or you can browse Moments for a while. We can start to continue filling the water, and stop when it is full. Then, when the liquid level goes down a little, add more heat. Water goes in.

Step 7

Because the water in the filter paper that is higher than the liquid level in the cup continues to flow into the coffee cup, you can stop filling the water when it is close to the preset amount, wait quietly for a few seconds, and then pick up the used ear bag and throw it away. In the “non-recyclable” trash can, remember not to brew repeatedly. Repeated brewing of the ear bag will produce over-extraction, which will become more and more unpleasant to drink.

It is generally recommended that the total amount of water injected is about 13-18 times the weight of the coffee powder in the ear-mounted bag. You can compromise by choosing a powder-to-water ratio of 1:15. Generally, if the ear-mounted bag is 10g, the total amount of water injected is about 150ml, like this The concentration is more appropriate, no more and no less.

If there is no electronic scale, slowly fill the earphone bag with water, fill it up about three times, and then let it flow out.

It’s time for popular science again

Extraction: Using the principle of concentration difference (high concentration between liquids will move towards low concentration), the extractable substances in the coffee powder are replaced into the water.

Over-extraction: All the substances that can be extracted from the coffee beans account for about 30% of the coffee beans themselves. Usually we will extract 18%-22% of the substances. This ratio is called the “extraction rate”. Usually the extraction rate exceeds At a certain value, the bad taste in coffee (some wood fiber and burnt bitter taste brought by insoluble substances) will gradually increase. At the same time, as the degree of extraction increases, the good taste remaining inside the coffee bean will become better. The flavor is getting less and less, which is why after repeated brewing, the hanging ear bag will become more and more unpleasant to drink (the good things have been lost, and only the bad substances are extracted)

Step 8

Finally, you can pick up the cup and enjoy the ear-hanging bags you brewed by yourself.

Hey, you really drank it so quickly, you are really not afraid of getting hot.

Suppose we use hot water of about 90 degrees when brewing ear-hanging bags. At this time, the coffee temperature is about 80-85 degrees, depending on your room temperature. Drinking directly at this temperature will still burn our tongues. Before drinking, Feel the temperature first, take a small sip to satisfy your heart, and then wait for a while. When the temperature reaches more than 70 degrees, the flavor of a cup of coffee will be most obvious and rich. At this time, you can really enjoy it.

Of course, if it is left for too long and the temperature drops, the acidity will be more obvious when you drink it, and there may be some minor off-flavors. Drink good coffee while it’s hot, it tastes delicious and doesn’t burn your mouth.

Okay, that’s the basic version of this issue’s guide on how to drink ear-hanging bags, and you’ve actually finished reading it!