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Four Effective Ways to Boost Your Workout Motivation

No matter what kind of sport it is, if you want to have a satisfactory result, you need to maintain the consistency and integrity of the training plan/exercise habits, but after all, we are not professional athletes, and we do not have a fixed and complete time like them. So this is difficult for both newcomers and veterans, both psychologically and physically. We often feel enthusiastic and energetic when we start exercising, but we are prone to burnout and bottlenecks after a period of time, as well as fatigue caused by overtraining. Starting after a break can easily lead to a sense of loss of the originally set goals.

Don’t worry too much, this is completely normal and happens to almost all of us. Next, we’ll share some tips to help you understand how to motivate yourself and keep your training on track as much as possible.

  1. Visualize success and the achievement of goals; find your spiritual idol

The more you imagine, the more likely your ideas will become reality. Many star-level professional athletes also imagine their games and performances over and over again to help themselves succeed. The principle of this method is very similar to setting training goals. You need to set up what you want to be and achieve it step by step through execution. Whether you want to run faster and further or just want to build a stronger and healthier body, imagining what it will be like when your goals are achieved, coupled with the blessing of the power of your spiritual idol, will be very effective. Enhance your sense of belief in accomplishing something.

For example, Modric, the former Ballon d’Or winner, was asked in an interview: “Hajduk Split (Hajduk Split, a veteran Croatian team) doesn’t want you, and Arsenal’s head coach Arsene Wenger doesn’t want you either.” Did I ever reject you and make you doubt yourself?”

Modric responded this way: “I have never doubted myself. I started my career at the age of 18, but before that I had dreamed of going very far, and I also dreamed of playing for a wealthy club. Effectiveness, in fact, I have never doubted my ability. Although I have always encountered many difficulties, I only regard them as obstacles that I need to overcome and problems that need to be solved, and I also want to prove the expectations of these people. The judgment is wrong. No one can make the right choice all the time, including predicting whether an 18-year-old player will be successful in the future.”

We know that the place where he was born was a village surrounded by wolves. Modric has been herding sheep since he was 5 years old. He has to face hungry wolves every day, and his life may be in danger if he is not careful. Because of the national war, Modric’s father was forcibly conscripted into the army, and his grandfather died in the battlefield. . In order to escape the war, Modric and his family moved to a refugee camp and lived here for seven years. Years of war did not defeat Modric. He fell in love with football and developed his exquisite footwork skills during the war, becoming the dazzling star he is today.

Spiritual faith and strength should not be underestimated

  1. Find multiple sources of motivation; try to eliminate the birth of negative buds

Motivation and performance in our sport can fluctuate from day to day. Sometimes you feel healthy and energetic, and other times you feel weak and sluggish. The reasons for this aren’t just physical, sometimes our brains are playing tricks on you—exercise has to be effective and fun, and you have to get results—otherwise, your motivation will be shaken. So, in order not to give our brains a chance to be shaken. Try these tips to introduce some fun and variety:

If you feel that training alone is too lonely, you can work out with a friend:

Training with friends is fun, and asking about results and sharing experiences with friends can help keep us motivated. Partners can provide encouragement, you can help each other get through the trough period, and at the same time, you can have an extra layer of mutual supervision.

Try a different environment:

You don’t always have to exercise in the same place. Mix it up a bit and work out on your patio, in the park, or in a different spot in your living room at home. After all, sports like running and weight training can be done almost anywhere.

Listen to the right music or watch videos with positive guidance:

The right beat and appeal can help push us into a better state of performance. Do you have a favorite song in particular? Use it to motivate yourself and get your emotions involved. In addition, the format is not limited to photos, videos or quotes, etc. It can provide you with spiritual motivation and increase your desire to persist and achieve your goals.

  1. Exercise in the morning or after get off work to give yourself less opportunity to be lazy.

As time goes by, the weaker self in your mind will become stronger and stronger, and it will keep telling you to take a rest, it will be okay. But once you get home from get off work and relax on the couch, you never get up again. Try to overcome your weak self and do it immediately when you think of it. If you persist, it will become a habit. Otherwise, laziness will slowly make you more negative day by day.

If you are not a morning person

Well, all you have to do is remove any obstacles that stand in the way of your after-get off work workout. For example, pack your gym bag the night before and take it with you to the office. That way, you can head straight to the gym or for a run without being tempted to skip your workout. After all, when we are ready, we will mentally have the idea that since everything has taken time to prepare, I should do it. You will be very happy after exercising. When you collapse on the sofa and relax, you will feel fulfilled and satisfied. This is completely different from the emptiness of doing nothing and lying on the sofa.

  1. Increase the diversity and comprehensiveness of exercise patterns.

You can avoid doing the same exercise every time. Mix it up or change it up for even better results! You can use the Garmin connect app for aerobics, Hiit, Pilates, yoga or some strength training. This is a great way to make our exercise routine more interesting and will help us stick with it in the long run.

If you originally had training today but are really tired of it, it is much better to try a completely new sport than not doing anything at home. Frisbee, skateboarding, rock climbing, etc., which are very popular recently, can also be used comprehensively to move the whole body. Good project. Intermittent relaxation and tension of different muscle groups is also a good way to alleviate sports injuries in specific sports, such as running and swimming. These two sports are typically very complementary.