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Effective Arm Slimming Tips for Women

If the chest, back, and legs are the main trunk of the body, then the arms are the branches on the main trunk. If your main body part has been trained well, then it is time to train the arms that can make you look more leafy. Just clicked!

For women, the most troublesome thing is to say goodbye to meat. In summer, they dare not choose vests and suspenders. The fat from the back of the upper arm to the back is what we commonly call “bye-bye meat.” Why is it called Bye Bye Meat? Because when you wave goodbye to someone, it will sway left and right with your movements, as if it is also saying goodbye to someone.

Moderate fat will make the body look bumpy and feminine, but too much fat will make the body and arms look bloated, thick and sagging. The existence of bye-bye meat will exaggerate the true degree of obesity. Obviously, you are not that fat, but you look very bloated. I don’t believe that there are pictures and the truth.

I believe you have seen the power of bye-bye meat, so let’s quickly take a look at how to eliminate bye-bye meat! Bye-bye meat is also roughly divided into several types, which need to be addressed in a targeted manner.

Fat type

This may be the type of people who are “fine in other places, but their upper arms are thick and unsightly”, which is caused by not regularly training the backs of their arms and shoulders. It can be improved through targeted exercise, movement and a proper diet.

Obese type

If your body fat is high and you have fat all over your body, you will naturally have fat on your arms. In this case, you need to focus on losing fat first! Lose fat! Lose fat! Do more aerobic exercise such as HIIT and jogging, control the oil, salt and fat in your diet, reduce body fat all over the body, and then do targeted arm movements.

Edema type

Some people like to eat cold drinks in summer and the taste is too strong, which leads to poor body fluid circulation, water retention, edema, and swollen arms…

If you don’t want to be like a Michelin baby or a Nezha lotus root arm, then you should pay attention to eating less cold drinks and less food with too strong flavors (salt will cause water storage); at the same time, get more massage and eat more fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, Foods such as colorful peppers, strawberries, apples, lemons, and bananas can help promote blood circulation.

If among the above three types, you happen to belong to the “fat type”, then the following course dedicated to developing goodbye fat is perfect for you. It can effectively train the areas where muscle growth occurs, restore muscle tension on the back of the arms, and make the lines smoother and the arms tighter.

The training plan is as follows:

Straight arm circle drawing: 30 seconds per set, 2 sets

Kneeling push-ups: 8 reps, 2 sets

Bend forward push: 1 set of 14 times, 2 sets

Bare head flexion and extension: 1 set of 16 times, 2 sets

Quick punches: 50 seconds per set, 2 sets

Seated side bend and stretch: 30 seconds per set, 1 set

If you already have a certain training foundation and feel that it is difficult to effectively stimulate the arm muscles through freehand training, you can choose elasticity. For girls, elastic bands may be more suitable than dumbbells, which can bring more direct stimulation to the arms and faster muscle congestion, effectively eliminate the fat accumulated on the back of the arms, and say goodbye to fat.

The training plan is as follows:

Arm extensions behind elastic bands: one set of 12 times/side, 2 sets

Resistance band lunges and extensions: 1 set of 12 times/side, 2 sets

Elastic lead back arm extension: 1 set of 14 times, 1 set

Elastic band bent-over dips: 1 set of 14 times, 2 sets

Without further ado, say goodbye to meat and show off your perfect arms, let’s get started right away!