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Bathing Your Baby: 8 Essential Tips

  1. A suitable place for bathing

Try to ensure that the parent’s posture is comfortable when bathing. The height of the bathtub is about the height of the bent elbow. Avoid hunching your back or bending over to bathe your baby, otherwise you may suffer from various back pains.

  1. Prepare the necessary items in advance

Before you start taking a bath, try to have everything you need ready and within easy reach. This is especially important because we must never leave the baby alone in the bathtub at any time to avoid the risk of drowning.

  1. Appropriate amount of water

Use a small basin to collect water and pour it into the bathtub to ensure that the water in the bathtub can reach the depth of the baby’s neck and shoulders, making the baby warm and comfortable during the bath.

  1. The water temperature is suitable

The water for bathing your baby should feel warm, but it should not be too hot. It is usually 37-38 degrees. You can also feel it with the inside of your wrist. If this part feels comfortable, it means the baby will also feel comfortable. In addition, if the water temperature is controlled by mixing cold water and hot water, stir the bath water evenly before putting the baby in the basin to avoid uneven hot and cold water scalding the baby.

  1. Pay attention to supporting the head and neck

During the bathing process of a baby of 1 month old, attention should be paid to supporting the baby’s head and neck, for example, letting the baby’s neck rest on the forearm of the arm.

  1. Appropriate clear order

When taking a bath, you can start by washing your face. Use a clean bath towel to wipe your eyes. Wipe from the bridge of the nose to the corners of the eyes in one direction toward the ears. Do not wipe back and forth. When wiping the ears, do not use cotton swabs or the like. There is no need to clean the inside of the baby’s ears. It does not matter if the baby’s ears are immersed in water during the bath. If your hair is dirty, you can also wash it gently.

  1. Pay attention to cleaning skin folds

After cleaning the head and face, you can then wash the body, paying special attention to skin folds, such as the neck, armpits, and diaper area. Baby’s hands should also be gently spread and scrubbed.

  1. Correct wiping and skin care procedures

After washing, immediately put the baby in the prepared bath towel and wrap it in the bath towel to prevent the wet body from being too cold and uncomfortable when exposed outside. The process of drying is also from head to toe.

If your baby has dry skin, especially if you have eczema, apply moisturizing lotion or ointment to your baby after bathing.

After applying moisturizer, put on clothes and diapers, put your baby in a safe place, and then start cleaning the bathtub, etc.